With the Evolve iPad kiosk, you can decide to have access to the iPad buttons or not by simply adding the custom inserts upon assembly. The iPad kiosk will work with open or closed home button access and in landscape and portrait orientations.

The polycarbonate shell provides the strength needed to endure heavy use, and the metal faceplate was designed with customization in mind. Customers can choose custom colors or send logo/graphic files to print on a skin for the iPad lock faceplate.

  • Enclosure comes with T-bar Kensington slot for iPad locking.
  • Custom Faceplates Available!
  • Compatible with iBeacon
  • Compatible with: iPad 1, iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad 4
  • It can function as a secure iPad stand with its 75mm 100mm VESA mounting options or used as a mobile handheld iPad kiosk

Weight 2 .lbs

Length 11.25 .in

Width 8.75 .in

Height 0.80 .in

  • Black
  • White