Mounted on a swivel base, the Pike iPad table mount rotates to create an interactive experience perfect for simple POS systems, digital loyalty/rewards, interactive digital signage, etc. As a combined iPad stand and iPad enclosure, the Pike provides an affordable and durable design. Works with multiple iPad POS dongles including: Square, PayPal, ID Tech Shuttle and Unimag I or II, Magtek iDynamo and uDynamo.

  • Combined iPad stand and enclosure functionality
  • Affordable solution for iPad table mount or iPad POS register
  • Works with majority of the popular mobile credit card readers on the market
  • Pivoting base to easily turn iPad for Point-of-Sale signature
  • Can be secured to table to prevent theft or tampering
  • 180˚ rotation

Weight 4 .lbs

Length 7.00 .in

Width 9.60 .in

Height 8.00 .in

  • Black